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Great News for H-1B Applicants!

On July 7, 2014, U.S. Department of State announced that H-1B beneficiaries with an October 1, 2014 start of employment date may start filing their Visa applications now.

As you may already know, the H-1B program is used to employ qualified foreign workers that possess necessary professional skills and specialized knowledge. Some of the most prominent areas that often utilize H-1Bs are biotech, science, engineering, and computer programming.

Is USCIS Getting Tough on EB-5s?

Recent statistics released by the US Citizenship & Immigration Services for the first two quarters of the fiscal year 2014 (from October 1, 2013 to March 2014) shows little hope for EB-5 applicants. Many EB-5 investors were denied their applications for Green Card.

Let's compare fiscal year 2013 with 3,699 approved and 943 denied applications to the first two quarters of 2014, with 2882 approved petitions and 1068 denials.?? The rate of denials increased by more than 50% from 1 in 4 applications denied in 2013 to 1 in 2.6 applications denied in 2014.

US Department of State Increases Maximum Validity Period for Visitor Visas for Ukrainian Citizens

Effective April 25, 2014, US State Department increased the validity of the B nonimmigrant visa (NIV) categories for Ukrainian citizens from the current 60 months, multiple entries, to 120 months, multiple entries. All other visa validities for nationals of Ukraine will remain unchanged.