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Corporate / Business Law

A single corporate transaction may require legal advice and assistance on a number of issues, such as negotiating and preparation of contracts, antitrust issues, securities laws and regulations, import and export law, tax law and others. InterlinkLaw attorneys are able to provide a full spectrum of legal services that enable our clients to conduct their business. For small and medium size businesses, we often serve as a General Counsel – an attorney for the business handling a very wide range of legal issues. For larger companies, we provide highly specialized legal services, such as developing compliance programs.

Overall, our corporate / business law services include:

  • Incorporation;
  • Contract advice, preparation and negotiation;
  • Antitrust law and training for employees subject to antitrust risks;
  • Import and export law;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Corporate finance;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Private equity investments;
  • Employment issues; and
  • Product liability.

Our Certified Compliance & Ethics Professionals services include:

  • Developing a code of conduct;
  • Online or in-person employee compliance training;
  • Program administration policies, such as handling reports of possible compliance violations; and
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of existing compliance programs.