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Pay as you Win

In most visa and green card cases, we follow what we call “Pay as You Win” model. This means that we defer most of our legal fee until we obtain approval of our clients’ visa or green card petitions from the immigration service. We are able to do this because we’re highly selective in the legal matters we undertake, we ask our potential clients many questions and we engage in extensive research prior to taking on representation.


When we believe that our clients are eligible for the visa or green card they seek, we work tirelessly to develop and document their eligibility down to the very small details. We rely on our experience and knowledge of the immigration law to do this, so deferring our fees until our clients receive approval isn’t as risky as it seems. We are driven by our clients’ success and our goal is to win together.


If we do not select your case, your initial consultation will be fully refunded.

Reviewing the Laws
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